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Blue Grocery


529 South Blount St
Raleigh, NC 27601-1875


Moore Square


Mon-Fri (7am-2am), Sat-Sun (8am-midnight)

What's Nearby

  Nearby Parking

Stronach Alley114 Stronachs Alley - 283 feet NW

529 S Wilmington St Lot529 S Wilmington St - 288 feet W

Gravel Lot on Lenoir112 E Lenoir St - 383 feet W

521 S Wilmington St Lot521 S Wilmington St - 410 feet W

  Nearby Dining

McDonalds (105 E South St)105 E South St - 600 feet SW

B.Good555 Fayetteville St - 785 feet W

Crema at City Plaza421 Fayetteville St - 822 feet NW

Reuben's NY Deli170 E Davie St - 863 feet NW

  Nearby Shopping

NoorFashion919529 S Blount St - adjacent

One of One Boutique207 E Cabarrus St - 557 feet NE

DGX Raleigh149 E Davie St - 971 feet N

Artspace201 E Davie St - 1001 feet N

  Nearby Arts, Culture + Entertainment

Lump Projects505 S Blount St - 298 feet N

Lincoln Theatre126 E Cabarrus St - 400 feet NW

Pope House Museum511 S Wilmington St - 536 feet NW

North Carolina Theatre - 711 feet W