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blue lotus


401 N West St
Suite 105
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 831-2583

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Glenwood South


Visit website for class hours.


Yoga and movement arts studio, offering range of classes for all levels.

What's Nearby

  Nearby Parking

506 N West Street Lot506 N West St - 291 feet NE

510 Glenwood Parking Deck510 Glenwood Ave - 511 feet NW

Gramercy Covered Parking Lot650 W North St - 688 feet W

301 Glenwood Parking Lot612 W Lane St - 765 feet SW

  Nearby Dining

XOCO Raleigh Mexican Grill410 Glenwood Ave - 241 feet W

Little City Brewing + Provisions Co.400 W North St - 353 feet SE

Sullivan's Steakhouse410 Glenwood Ave - 391 feet NW

Clockwork519 W North St - 431 feet SW

  Nearby Shopping

Alexia's400 W North St - 251 feet SE

North Street Beer Station521 W North St - 461 feet SW

FINDS520 N West St - 488 feet NE

Glenwood South Pharmacy and Market - 504 feet SW

  Nearby Arts, Culture + Entertainment

United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County410 Glenwood Ave - 193 feet W

The LYNK410 Glenwood Ave - 241 feet W

Sullivan's Steakhouse410 Glenwood Ave - 391 feet NW

Milk Bar410 Glenwood Ave - 401 feet NW