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Litmus Gallery & Studios


312 W Cabarrus St
Raleigh, NC 27601-1713

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Thurs (10 am-2 pm), First Fridays (6 pm-9 pm), and by appointment


Art gallery and studios in the Warehouse District.

What's Nearby

  Nearby Parking

518 S Dawson St Lot518 S Dawson St - 351 feet SE

Wake County Parking Deck216 W Cabarrus St - 545 feet NE

Parking Lot At McDowell and Cabarrus432 S McDowell St - 590 feet E

Dawson Martin Lot 1307 S Dawson St - 775 feet NE

  Nearby Dining

The Fiction Kitchen428 S Dawson St - 108 feet E

Tuscan Blu327 W Davie St - 255 feet NW

Black and White Cafe at Videri327 W Davie Street - 322 feet NW

Jose and Sons327 W Davie St - 351 feet NW

  Nearby Shopping

Dogwood Country Club301 W Cabarrus St - 124 feet SE

Tasty Beverage Company327 W Davie St - 299 feet NW

Trolley Pub Beer Shop323 W Davie St - 362 feet N

Videri Chocolate Factory327 W Davie St - 411 feet NW

  Nearby Arts, Culture + Entertainment

Trolley Pub Raleigh323 W Davie St - 362 feet N

Red Hat Amphitheater500 S McDowell St - 549 feet SE

Anthony Ulinski Studio and Gallery24 Commerce Pl - 645 feet N

William-Cozart Inc.320 S Harrington St - 709 feet NW