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The Gramercy Glenwood South

Categories: Living / Apartments


650 W North St
Raleigh, NC 27603
(855) 421-6710


Glenwood South


Mon-Fri (9 am-6 pm)


You only get a few chances to experience something truly new. To have the world at your feet and extraordinary services at your immediate beck and call. To live in surroundings that demand so little and give back so much more. Incredible retail steps away. Nightlife that sparks a soulful experience. Catered anything. On-demand everything. Inspired by Manhattan, yet perfectly tailored to Raleigh. All done in a way that never loses its Southern charm. It’s exactly the place you want to be. “You can find me at The Gramercy.

What's Nearby

  Nearby Parking

Gramercy Covered Parking Lot650 W North St - adjacent

301 Glenwood Parking Lot612 W Lane St - 293 feet S

215 Glenwood Parking Lot215 Glenwood Ave - 595 feet SE

222 Glenwood Parking Deck222 Glenwood Ave - 688 feet SE

  Nearby Dining

The Cortez Seafood and Cocktail413 Glenwood Ave - 175 feet NE

Hibernian Irish Pub & Restaurant311 Glenwood Ave - 264 feet SE

Thaiphoon Bistro301 Glenwood Ave - 281 feet SE

NY Bagel Cafe and Deli301 Glenwood Ave - 282 feet SE

  Nearby Shopping

Glenwood South Pharmacy and Market - 205 feet E

North Street Beer Station521 W North St - 367 feet SE

Gilded Bridal421 N Boylan Ave - 382 feet NW

Voda Boutique725 Tucker St - 482 feet NW

  Nearby Arts, Culture + Entertainment

C. Grace Cocktail Bar407 Glenwood Ave - 149 feet NE

Empress Room403 Glenwood Ave - 149 feet NE

Sushi Blues Cafe301 Glenwood Ave - 282 feet SE

Sullivan's Steakhouse410 Glenwood Ave - 428 feet NE